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Lawyer Fees: $1,299* (Limited Time Only)

*Discounted fee is for an undisputed individual consumer Chapter 7 case and covers the following services:

Initial consultation (Free)

Filing of required documents and schedules

Filing of an Application to Pay Fees in Installments

Representation at the Meeting of Creditors

Representation at the discharge hearing

Advice about alternatives to bankruptcy

Advice on whether to file

Advice regarding under what chapter to file

Minor routine tasks involved in an undisputed case

General advice throughout the course of the case

*Filing Fees are not included (see below).

Additional fees apply if debtor 1) files a Joint Petition, 2) requires “Means Testing”, 3) intends to Reaffirm secured debts, 4) intends to “Avoid” judgments or 5) other services are requested or required by debtor outside of the basic scope of services outlined above (e.g., unexpected creditor dispute, etc.)


Filing Fees: $335

These fees are required by the court:

Statutory Filing Fee = $225
Noticing Fee = $50
Chapter 7 Trustee Fee = $60
Total = $335

*All fees due at time of filing, unless you file either: i) an Application to pay fee in installments over 120 days or ii) an Application to waive filing fee.


Required Course Fees

Pricing for Online Courses:

$30 – Credit Counseling Briefing; Required before filing (click here)
$49 – Financial Management Instruction Course; Required prior to discharge (click here)

Courses offered through partner site.
Certificates will be sent directly to Florida Bankruptcy Advisors for filing with your petition and schedules.

Chapter 13 Fee:

$3,500 + Court Fees (per Federal Guidelines)