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  • Major Steps of the Bankruptcy Process:

    1) Understand what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you (call us at 954-600-8990 for an immediate Attorney Phone Consultation);

    2) Complete the required Credit Counseling Course through an approved agency (take online or via phone) (For Details click here);

    3) Consider alternatives to bankruptcy (for example, we also provide foreclosure defense, creditor negotiations/settlements and loan modification services);

    4) Determine which chapter of the bankruptcy code to file under (typically either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13; call us at 954-600-8990 to learn which bankruptcy option makes the most sense given your specific objectives);

    5) Prepare and file all required documents, which of course our firm will handle on your behalf after we meet to discuss the details of your case:
    – Bankruptcy Petition with Exhibits;
    – Schedules
    – Statement of Social Security Number(s)
    – Statement of Financial Affairs
    – Application to waive the filing fee or pay in installments
    – Statement of Intention, as required
    – Statement of Current Monthly Income and Means Test Calculation, as required
    – Disclosure of attorneys fees paid or promised

    6) Attend the “Meeting of Creditors”. This takes place between 20 and 40 days after filing, and of course we will be there right by your side. Don’t worry, creditors rarely show up and the meetings are typically limited to an appointed trustee who will ask you some basic questions regarding the information contained in the documents we prepare and file for you. Of course, we will discuss your particular case with you prior to the meeting so that you are well prepared and there are no surprises.

    7) Attend the Discharge Hearing, as required. Again, if a discharge hearing is required, we will be there with you at your side.

    8 ) Complete a Financial Management course. This is a second course that must be completed prior to obtaining the court-ordered discharge of your debts. After we file your case for you, we will provide you with a link to the course which can be taken for only $10 online.

    9) Receive your court-ordered discharge (i.e., mandated forgiveness of your debt). This is the formal order that orders the discharge of your debts. Although most debts are dischargeable, some debts are excepted from discharge, such as most student loans and domestic support obligations.

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